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Claudia Jäggi Talary
lic.rer.pol / MA / Dipl. Astrologer / Dipl. Mental Coach / Dipl. Hypno-Coach / Pranic Healer

My name ist Claudia. For almost 20 years I have been working as an Astrologer, Coach, Therapist and Meditation Expert. I am based in the Basel area in Switzerland. But thanks to internet I now reach out to you wherever you are. 

I trained and worked as an Economist but my focus has always been on Spirituality. At the age of 30 I decided to make a career move, changed job and started to build up my knowledge and my professional career as an Astrologer, Coach and Therapist. I have been trained in psychological, traditional and esoteric Astrology both in Switzerland and the UK. This gives me a lot of tools to work with. As a coach I focus on your very personal change management and as a therapist I work as a pranic healer. Furthermore I am a recognised meditation specialist.

If you are interested in discovering your true potential, the value of your relationships or obtaining a deeper understanding of your current situation, then I might be the right coach for you. For more information please watch the following video.


This is me :)

It's actually all about your potential!